Treatment for adults

Treatment for adults

Adult orthodontics

Today, more than 35% of our orthodontic patients are over 18 years of age. With advances in modern orthodontics, many people are now taking advantage of this new technology to correct the position of their teeth, regardless of their age. From simple cases of teeth alignment and space creation for implant placement to complex multidisciplinary care. Orthodontics has become integral in the mutual goal of obtaining and keeping a healthy dentition.

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The difference in adult orthodontics

The main difference in orthodontic treatment for a child and teen versus an adult is that adults typically have underlying periodontal and prosthetic issues that must be properly taken into account before treatment can begin.

Proper inter-disciplinary diagnosis and care is integral to achieving a perfect outcome in the adult patient.

More choices than ever

Adults now have more choices than ever before to achieve a beautiful smile. From traditional braces to “invisible” options, the amount of aesthetically pleasing and effective treatment options continues to grow.

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