Life with Braces

Life with Braces

Life with braces

Your life does not have to be put on hold because you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. There will be some changes, but you can certainly still enjoy social events and a good meal.

With braces, there are certain times when your teeth will be sore. If that happens, we recommend you eat foods that are relatively soft and don’t require a lot of chewing (ex: eat soups, pasta, minced meat, fish, cooked vegetables, softer fruits, soft bread, etc.). It may also help to chew gum (sugar-free gum without a hard outer shell) because the massaging action of chewing helps to alleviate discomfort from your braces.

Caring for your braces

  • Keep your mouth absolutely clean.
  • Try not to break the braces. They are strong, but can be broken by Carelessness.
  • Be on time for all appointments, and try not to miss appointments.
  • Follow instructions and if you have any questions please be sure to ask any one of us.


Cleaning your teeth with Braces:

With your new braces you must be sure to bush your teeth and gums better than ever before. Any plaque or food that is left around the braces or under the wires can cause stains, cavities, and unpleasant odours. We will demonstrate the proper brushing and flossing technique at your first appointment.

Wearing braces will affect the type of foods that you can eat. In general, avoid two types of foods:

1) Hard, Brittle foods 
such as:

  • ice
  • nuts
  • hard candy (such as Life Savers, etc.)

2) Soft, Sticky foods 
such as:

  • sugared gum (especially bubblegum)
  • caramels
  • taffy
  • gummy bears
  • jube-jubes

Some of these foods can still be eaten if care is taken to prepare them in a certain way. 
For example:

  • Whole fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots should be cut into small pieces and chewed in the back teeth.
  • Hard crusty breads should be broken and eaten in small pieces.
  • Fritos and potato chips are allowed if eaten carefully.
  • Fresh corn may be eaten if sliced off the cob.
  • Small, sugarless sticks of gum (eg. Trident) are fine to chew if you wish.
  • Meat should be cut away from the bone (chicken legs and wings).
  • Popcorn, pizza crust should be eaten carefully.

The key is to exercise caution in your selection of food.


We usually predict treatment to last anywhere from 18 to 30 months. We will try to give you an approximate finish date at the beginning of treatment. During this time, we will be seeing you at the office for regularly scheduled appointments. Most of these visits will be short, routine adjustments. However, if braces are being added or repositioned, or if complex wire changes are being made, your appointments will take longer.

Since many of our patients are of school age, we cannot see everyone everytime after school hours; but we will be as fair as possible with our scheduling.

What to Expect With Your New Braces

A few days after the braces are placed, there may be some sensitivity in your mouth and your teeth might feel loose. This is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL and is just nature telling you that your teeth are starting to move. The discomfort will soon go away. Sometimes a pain reliever such as Advil can be used if you feel it is necessary.

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