Life with Carriere

Life with Carriere

The carriere appliance

The Carriere appliance is used to move your upper or lower teeth towards the back to correct upper or lower teeth that are protruding too far forward.

The Carriere appliance is a small bar that is glued to two of your posterior teeth.

It works by putting a gentle force on your posterior teeth to push them into a better position. This improves your bite and gives room for your other teeth.

Adapting to your new appliance

At the start of treatment the doctors will ask that you wear light rubber bands called Force 1 elastics. They are worn for about 8-10 weeks or until the second visit. At the second visit the doctors normally increase the force applied to the teeth with Force 2 elastics. These Force 2 elastics are now worn for an additional 2-6 months or until the desired tooth movement has occurred.

If the doctors gave you a clear aligner to wear with the appliance, make sure to keep it clean (you may brush it with a tooth brush). If any cracks appear, talk to the doctors.

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