Life with Split Plate

Life with Split Plate

Caring for your Split Plate

The Split Plate is an appliance used to expand the palate. The appliance works by turning the screw weekly with the provided key, until the adequate expansion is obtained. This is done by you at home.

In order to work properly, the appliance must be worn full time, but should be removed to eat, and while playing contact sports. If the screw is being turned, but the appliance is not being worn, eventually it will not fit.

Having to replace a lost or broken appliance is expensive, so be sure to keep the appliance in it’s case when it is not being worn, this will prevent it from being lost or distorted.

Never wrap it in a napkin or keep it in your pocket, the case is the only place it should be if it is not being worn. Also keep it away from animals, as they are attracted to the smell and will chew it.

How to clean your split plate

The appliance should be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste each time you brush your teeth, and can be soaked in pure white vinegar weekly to give it a thorough cleaning. Never soak in mouthwash or denture cleaner, as this can weaken the wires and can cause them to break.

Note: In order to be sure that the appliance does not develop a foul smell, be sure to rinse or brush it before placing it in the case.

Adapting to your new appliance

For the first little while it will feel a little different to speak and to swallow, you may also find that there is more saliva in the mouth, these are all normal things that just require a little time to get used to.
When the appliance is activated it is normal to feel pressure on the roof of the mouth. If needed you can take a pain reliever such as Advil.

Please bring your appliance with you at each visit so that it can be adjusted if needed.

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