Payment plan & insurance

Payment plan & insurance

Payment plan & insurance

Getting an orthodontic treatment is an important decision that some people put off because of concerns they have about the high cost of treatment. The number one question we get asked is “how much do braces cost?” That’s why we offer flexible payment options to take the worry out of the procedure. If the cost is something that you’re worried about, talk to us. We are always happy to work with your budget and create a payment plan that you can be comfortable with.

We accept:


Typically, we would divide the total cost of the treatment by the number of months it takes to treat the problem – normally from 12 to 24 months. This makes the payments more affordable and easier to handle because you know what to expect every month.

Down payment

A down payment is required. Typically, this is 20-30% of the total fee, but we are flexible and we look at what is comfortable for you within reason. The treatment is considered complete when braces are removed, and full payment is required at that time. Retention is usually required after the removal of braces but this is still considered part of the treatment and is included in the fee.


If you have insurance coverage, we can fill out the forms for you. In the majority of cases, orthodontic fees can be deducted as medical fees, which may help you recover a portion of your expenses. Talk to your accountant to see if this applies to you.

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